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Apple AirPods Studio to be announced in September

Apple AirPods Studio announcement will likely happen on September 8.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on the AirPods Studio for a long time. These will be a new series of headphones from the company offering top of the line Apple goodness. Apple so far has the AirPods lineup which is basically earbuds and Beats brand. The company has also been updating the Beats headphones as well, the latest Beats Solo Pro features the H1 chip and active noise cancellation.

Apple AirPods Studio announcement
Apple AirPods Studio announcement

Apple AirPods Studio features and specifications

A flagship tech Apple, we can always expect the best. The AirPods Studio won’t be an exception. This new accessory from the company is said to feature a modular design. We have all seen module design on headphone wherein the ear cushions are attached with magnets. This allows users to easily swap the cushions once they wear out. Apple will definitely be including this feature as per reports. But since it’s Apple, we can also expect more. The headphone will feature swappable headphone bands as well. This will work similarly to how you swap bands on the Apple Watch. The bands will be attached to headphones via magnets and will allow users to swap when necessary.

This new over-ear headphones from is likely to feature the H1 chip or probably a newer version of this chip. Like the Beats model and AirPod Pro, complementing these will be addition of active noise cancelling. These features will be more than enough to attract new users and fans have another reason to buy the accessory. With the addition of noise cancelling feature, there’s another question as to how AirPods Studio will compare to the Sony WH-1000XM3/X34 and Bose QuietComfort 35 which are already considered the best ANC headphones you can buy today.

Apple AirPods Studio price

Price of the AirPods Studio is still in early rumour phase. But we can expect it to retail for $399. Considering the XM3 and QC 35 retail for $349, we wonder how Apple will standout.

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