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Apple Approves Hey iOS App with 14-Day free account option

Just before the WWDC 2020, Apple has approved Basecamp’s Email App ‘Hey’.

Hey iOS App has been approved by Apple on Friday night, on June 19th, Apple’s App Store Review Board has approved the pending bug fixes to the HEY iOS app that were held up all last week. This new version introduces a new free option for the iOS app. Now users can sign up directly in-app for a free, temporary, randomized email address that works for 14 days.

Basecamp has now released the newly approved 1.0.2 bug-fix update Hey app to the customers. This is win for not only Basecamp, and Apple, but a win for all their customers.

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Earlier Apple wanted to the HEY app to offer a free or paid version of the app with basic email reading features on the App Store, then separately offered an upgraded email service that worked with the Hey app on iOS on its own website.

Apple Hey iOS App
Apple Hey iOS App

These changes as suggested is now part of updated version of the application available on iOS App store and the company is confident about these improvements that will satisfy earlier raised concerns about both the user experience as well as the business model.

CEO of Basecamp Jason Fried in a statement said –

We’ve also accelerated our multi-user HEY for work offering where the company pays but the employees don’t. This brings HEY in line with Basecamp, and dozens of other high profile multi-platform enterprise offerings that have been permitted in the App Store for a decade. We just completed onboarding multiple companies, we’re running all our Basecamp company email through HEY, and thousands of businesses have joined the HEY for Work waitlist already. HEY for Work uses the same iOS app as everyone else.

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