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Apple Watch Series 6 massive leak surfaces hours before announcement

Apple Watch Series 6 will feature the latest silicon paired with features for a flagship.

Apple is setting the stage today to showcase its new Watch Series, iPad models and a bunch of accessories. During the “Time Flies” event, Apple Watch Series 6 will most likely be the highlight. There are two models expected to debut today with the other being the Apple Watch SE. The Watch Series 6 will resemble Series 5 in many aspects. The difference here will be the addition of new internals and updated features.

Apple Watch 6 Blue color
Apple Watch 6 Blue color

A tipster today shared new reports on the Watch Series 6. The tipster claims that the Apple Watch 6 will come in a new Blue color option. Apart from that, the new smartwatch will also incorporate fast charging support. This might sound far fetched. With the addition of Sleep Tracking feature, the battery on Watch Series 6 might not last that long. As a fix, fast charging ensures that the watch tops up quickly when you need it.

The final info shared by the tipster is Apple Watch 6 pre-order and availability. The tipster goes into detail stating that Apple Watch series will be available from today. Since Series 6 is set to debut along with the Watch SE, both of these will be available from today or it can be the previous models. This last rumor contradicts the details shared by a tipster recently detailing that the Apple Watch series won’t be available this month.

Shivani Yadav

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