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Google Meet now available in Gmail for iOS and Android devices

Gmail mobile users now do not need dedicated Google Meet app to join video meetings.

Google Meet is a free video meeting service free and available to all and offers high quality, full motion videos (up to 30 fps) during a meeting. Earlier users needed to join meeting via dedicated Meet app, but now Gmail users can directly join the conference without using this app.

Google Meet is now available for Gmail users for both iOS and Android devices as a giant new tab. The new separate Meet tab is at the bottom of the main Gmail interface. If anyone does not want Meet option to appear as a tab in Gmail, then you will have to turn off the Meet integration in the settings menu options.

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Meet has a low-light mode updates video quality so you can engage confidently from wherever you are joining. Google has made Meet app free in April for all amid lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic and most of the people across the world started working from home. Meet is also a direct rival of Zoom app, which has seen a considerable success for video and audio conferencing calls.

Google Meet
Google Meet

Gmail mobile users will start getting Meet tab updates in the coming weeks. Meet app access requirements are of two types – G Suite users using Meet with a school or work account and on Non-G Suite customers using Meet with a personal account.

The Meet application is quite useful for team meetings, online educational classes, celebrations or any other large online gatherings to connect with multiple participants at a time. A single meeting in Meet can have up to 100 participants, and meet for maximum 60 minutes per meeting.

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