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Google Play Billing Library 3.0 launched, check details

Google has launched Billing Library version 3 with improvements to purchase reliability along with security.

Google Play Billing Library third version got launched with effort to make handling in-app purchases much easier now. The Billing Library 3.0 not only will help in creating healthy ecosystem for developers to succeed by creating high-quality application that users love, but also change the way how users can pay, purchase attribution for games or improve subscription promotion capabilities along with added security features.

Google Play all new applications must use this new version of Billing Library starting August 2, 2021 and by November 1, 2021, all existing apps updates must use Billing Library version 3 or newer to continue the service.

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Some of the Google Play Billing Library 3.0 release notes comprises of these summary of changes –

  • Removed rewarded SKU support.
  • Removed deprecated developer payload methods.
  • Added nullability annotations.
Google Play Billing Library 3.0 launched

Furthermore, Google has added new features in Library 3.0 version including paying with cash option to unlock users new buyers across the world, especially in emerging markets like Indonesia and Malaysia where cash is a popular form of payment. Other important items added are more places for users to discover and purchase, allowing you to specify the information or attributes when launching the purchase flow to a specific in-game character, avatar, or a profile.

This new version of Billing Library is currently available today for all the games along with application developers in Java and Kotlin flavor. Google has also added a new plugin Unity which allows app developers to meet the Billing Library version requirements and access to all Play billing features.

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