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Instagram Reels a new video feature like TikTok released

Instagram Reels is a new feature to take on the competition especially in India, a blooming market for these features.

A picture says a thousand words but I would say a video says the full story. Let’s go back to the time when Vine became popular and eventually shut down. Vine, the platform offered users to share short looping videos. The service was well-received among users but down the line, Vine only met its demise. —a successor, Byte being launched later. A lot of apps started offering similar features but none stands out like the TikTok app. The app has a huge fanbase across the world with lots of content uploaded. The app is currently banned in India as ongoing clashed with China leading the government to bans certain apps originating from the country. 

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Instagram is the most used platform for content creators for uploading stories and photos thereby promoting themselves. Instagram is getting a new feature to rival and capture the TikTok fanbase with a new feature. The latest feature is called Instagram Reels and as mentioned it offers to upload video clips just like the TikTok ones. The feature was officially rolled out to in Brazil, France and Germany for testing. It will be launched in India also today at 7.30 PM. 

The Instagram Reels feature is integrated with the app. Users just need to open the app and click on the camera option. The Reels menu will be listed there which users can access to create 15-second video clips. The feature also allows users to add custom music as well as inbuilt audio track as well. There are also similar video editing feature in the Instagram Reels. Users can align or speedup certain portions of the clip. There are also other augmented reality features to help make your content more fun as well. 

After getting inputs from valuable creators, Instagram has added a section, Reels to the explore page. This will show videos by creators and works just like the IGTV feature. The establishment of the Reels feature is sure to give tough competition to other apps like TikTok especially in India where a third of Instagram posts are videos. The feature is still in the testing phase and should see an official rollout once the app is more streamlined.

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