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Let’s answer what we are getting with the iPad Air 4 compared to the iPad Air 2019

Apple will debut the new iPad models during the September 15 “Time Flies” event. As per reports, iPad Air 4 and iPad 8th generation are set to be showcased.

We had recently covered the details about both the tablets. Although iPad 8th generation will see an update, the iPad Air 4 is set to steal the show. This makes me wonder how good of an upgrade will it be from those using the previous iPad Air models. Also, how’s the latest iPad update overall?

iPad Air 4 vs iPad Air 2019
iPad Air 4 vs iPad Air 2019

Which one should you buy when it comes to display and design?

iPad Air 4 vs iPad Air 2019 comparison with the topic of display and design. iPad Air 2019 has been around for a while now. The design is still the same as the other iPad models with the Touch ID at the bottom and the rounded corners. This is set to change with the iPad Air 4. With the new tablet, Apple is moving the Touch ID from the home button to the power button. And speaking of the home button, it will be removed. iPad Air 4 will feature a design similar to the iPad Pro 11-inch. Which also means thinner bezels all around.

The new iPad model is set to be a 10.8-inch affair with support for Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard as well.

When it comes to specifications, there’s no comparison!

I might be exaggerating here a little. We all know that with the arrival of a new chip, there are considerable improvements especially when it comes to Apple. The iPad Air 2019’s A12 Bionic simply put, is a beast of a chip. While the A14 silicon set to be featured on the iPad Air 4 should take to this to a whole other level. Not synthetic benchmarks, but real-world performance should be a breeze with the new Air.

When it comes to price, let’s think on that a little

Apple’s strategy has always been to reduce the price of the previous versions right after the latest version is announced. This will be true for the iPad Air models as well. The rumored price of the iPad Air 4 is set at $599 which interestingly is the same price the iPad Air 2019 also retails for. Even if we see a considerable reduction in the price of the iPad Air 2019 model, the price of the Air 4 is compelling. The new tablet offers updated internals and features and a new design.

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