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New details suggest that Nvidia is working on the Titan RTX Ampere

The devil is in the detail. We have uncovered details that the Titan RTX Ampere is soon to be a reality.

Nvidia announced the new RTX 30 series GPUs recently. RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 are the new updates in the portfolio. These cards offer impressive performance upgrade compared predecessor models. This is thanks to the new architecture as well as the insane core count. But these are mainstream gaming GPUs only. Where is the Titan RTX Ampere, you would ask? After all, Titan RTX does more than gaming, it’s also a productivity-oriented card.

Titan RTX Ampere
Titan RTX Ampere

To deduce about the Titan RTX Ampere, we have to look more closely into the RTX 3090. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is simply put a beastly card. It’s the first GPU to offer support for 8K gaming. We have all seen/read the reviews. The performance is through the roof. The core count and mounts of VRAM offers significant performance improvements, 50% or more in some titles. But where it falls is in productivity. In some benchmarks, the RTX 3090 falls short of the Titan RTX which has half the core count of the RTX 3090.

What was Nvidia’s answer to this performance dip? Titan RTX is enabled with Nvidia Quadro GPU optimisations to offer better performance while using CAD, Design and similar applications. Titan RTX is also optimised for Ai applications. This in theory will outclass the RTX 3090 even with all its raw might. So, does it mean that we will be getting a Titan RTX Ampere soon? With these new details, there is now a high probability that Nvidia is cooking an even high-end RTX 3090. Where does that leave the RTX 3090 in? The GPU is oriented towards content creators. Those people rendering large models, video editing in the day and gaming at night.

Titan RTX price (even if we see one) will probably touch the $3K range twice that of the RTX 3090. When will the new Titan RTX be announced? These are just speculation at this point in time. Considering the RTX 30 series is selling like hot pancakes; Nvidia having a tough time restocking, we can expect to see this card sometime in 2021.

Rishi Ramesh

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