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Pinterest introduces a new feature see it, snap it, buy it

The feature aptly named, see it, snap it, buy it lets you do exactly what it sounds. 

How many times you go online and stumble upon something interesting — and you go like where can I find this? Then it starts, the hours worth of labour and manual work soaring through Google and it’s image search to find the item. While sometimes you succeed, a lot of the time you go to your bed empty-handed.

This is about to change with a new feature by non-other than Pinterest.

Reports from Engadget goes like:

From today, you’ll be able to tap the camera in the search bar, snap or upload a photo and then see the Shop tab with a feed of Pins based on products identified in that image. Helpfully, it’ll only bring up items that are in stock, so there’s no disappointment in finding the perfect item only to discover you can’t actually get it. Every product Pin will link directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site, too.


In the App Store, the section which says what’s new still doesn’t mention about the update. Its to be seen how long the update will take. Currently from the looks of it, Pinterest may roll out this update slowly.

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Pinterest’s endeavour into the ecommerce space has been evident with the web giant introducing new features like shoppable pins a feature to convert a companies’ catalogue. 

Pinterest introduced a series of new tools to help merchants sell their products, including Catalogs, which lets anyone upload and convert their entire product catalog into shoppable Pins. Previously this process feature was only available to select brands working with Pinterest, head of shopping product Tim Weingarten told VentureBeat in an email […]

Personalized shopping recommendations were also expanded today to serve up results that resemble individual users’ saved pins. It’s based on the available inventory from merchants with shoppable Pins. Personalized shopping recommendations will be visible on the home page of Pinterest users’ apps and in Style, Home, Beauty, and DIY boards.

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