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Realme Ballpoint Pen coming soon, details here

Realme Ballpoint Pen is expected to incoporate smart features.

According to reliable sources, Chinese giant Realme has patented a Ballpoint Pen with a futuristic-looking design. The Realme Ballpoint Pen looks similar to any other Ballpoint pen that employs a push-button plunger on the top.

Realme Ballpoint Pen
Realme Ballpoint Pen

Realme Ballpoint pen has a silver and golden color scheme which gives it a futuristic look.

The Realme Pen plunger rotates a rachet that alternately engages and is disengaged from spaced apart teeth on the inner wall. It is expected to feature in multiple color options. Not many details are out yet, but the Ballpoint Pen is rumored to feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to be used with tablets/smartphones.

At this moment, it’s hard to guess the official launch date and price of the Realme Ballpoint Pen but as per some rumors, the price would start at $10.

Realme currently has a range of products in the market including smartphones, smart TVs, luggage bags, electric toothbrush, earbuds, and power banks. A Ballpoint Pen will be the first from the company.

We had earlier seen Xiaomi Mi Pen, which comes without WiFi and Bluetooth modules. The diameter of Mi Pen is only 9.5 mm and is available in Black or White color flavors. It is made of polycarbonate material.

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