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RIP Hackintosh you served us well, you will be missed

Apple never mentioned on stage two key details that would be affected with the move to ARM. Firstly, Boot Camp will be killed off, secondly, Hackintosh machines will now be a part of the grave.

Apple at the WWDC 2020 annual keynote announced updates coming this fall. Alongwith the update was a historic announcement that stunned everybody, Macs moving to ARM-based chips. The announcement was not much of a surprise to the tech world since the rumours have been floating for a long time.

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For a vast majority of people owning a Mac might not make sense. This is partly true considering. Macs come with a price tag which is mostly heavy on the pocket. Even though there are features to match and macOS bringing the best in terms of memory management, task management and display support, it’s one great piece of Aluminium to own. 

The pricing of the Macs sometimes just doesn’t justify. The Mac Pro, for example, comes with a high price tag but for the wheels or the stand, we have to pay extra is another detail to think about. Maybe not taking Mac Pro into consideration, the solution to other desktop Macs might just come in the form a Hackintosh. A Hackintosh to simply say is a PC running macOS instead of Windows.

The benefit of using a Hackintosh is that you can assemble it with ease and the parts cost less since you are handpicking just like how you would build a PC, you can spec it mostly any way you want. But the installation of Mac on an assembled machine is not an easy task but when you do it’s still worth it than owning a pricey mac solution. That is till Apple moving to ARM-based chip, after which Hacinktosh will go into the grave. 

It will take some time for this to happen since Apple is set to announce Mac series with Intel support. But in two years time, with the entire Mac line transitioning to ARM, Hackintosh systems will be no more just like Boot Camp which will also see a glimmer in macOS Big Sur but will be killed off after.

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