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Sony a9S is a $5000 camera for high-end videography

Sony a9S announcement should happen sometime in Q1 2021.

Sony arguably makes the best mirrorless cameras in the industry. The company a wide range of mirrorless bodies catered to multiple use cases. The recently announced a7C is an entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera with all the good bits from Sony’s high-end camera. With the a7 lineup getting updates regularly, it’s expected that the a9 series also gets a refresh. Enter the Sony a9S (a9x)! Just like the previous a9 models, this update will also incorporate a new sensor and video features ready to take on the Canon EOS R5.

Sony a9S
Sony a9S

The nomenclature of the new a9 is rumored to be the a9x or a9S. Earlier reports stating that this will be called the Sony a7X can be quashed thanks to the latest update. The camera will feature a new 50 Megapixel sensor and autofocus similar to the a7S III. Also similar to the a7S III will be the EVF. The camera will be able to record 8K videos at 30p which is why it’s being called an infant 8K mode. If the camera can record 8K at 60p is still a question that needs to be answered. Even if it can, there will be limitations in image quality.

With the 8K video recording capability and the 50 Megapixel sensor, Sony is aiming to go toe to toe with the Canon EOS R5. Sony a9S is also confirmed to have no overheating issues while recording at 8K. Sony a9S price is expected to $1500 more than the EOS R5 which puts it in the range of $5000 and above. While this is all great, there are reports of a Canon EOS R5S which might level the playing field.

For a little context, Sony’s a9 series offers all the good features of the a7 series paired with a high burst rate and continuous autofocus. The camera is specifically oriented towards wedding, action and sports photography. This probably is the reason why there are rumors of the a9S being used in Olympics floating around.

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