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tvOS 14 and tv+, all new features and release date

tvOS 14 will be available this fall with a public beta available in July. 

tvOS is the ecosystem featured on Apple TV. It’s well synchronised across all Apple devices. In WWDC 2020, Apple announced an updated version of OS, the tvOS 14. This time Apple is also partnering with Google and Amazon and other similar companies to bring new content on the platform. 

All new tvOS 14 Features

Picture in Picture Mode

How annoying it is while you watching some new content and switch to an app, the video is gone. Well, this is about to change with tvOS14. The update brings picture in picture mode to the Apple TV. The feature works similar to the iOS 14 update. While watching, if you exit from the app, the video minimises to a small rectangular window which will sit at the right corner and plays on top of the top app you are currently using.

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Multi-user support gets an upgrade

This was a feature update in the tvOS 13 and with tvOS 14, the focus is now on gaming. tvOS 14 will keep track of your achievement. And a cool feature that lets you land exactly where you left off in a game. tvOS 14 will be able to enable this feature even if multiple users have the game open.

New controller supports is also featured in the OS namely  Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive apart from the previous DualShock 4 and Xbox controllers.

tvOS 14
tvOS 14

Control Center Redesign

Control Center gets an inspired design from iPad OS and iOS versions. There is a new inclusion of user profile at the top as well. 

Home Security Features

With the new HomeKit app now opensource in tvOS 14, this means enhanced security features. Developers can take advantage of the new update to bring feeds directly from the TV on to a large screen also use facial recognition cameras to transmit the feed directly to the TV.

TV and Photo Sharing

Audio sharing allows you to share the content being played on the iPhone or iPad directly on to the TV.  And with AirPlay, the photos app can also stream in high res on the TV.

Apple TV Plus is also getting an update this time around. Foundation, a new sci-fi series is coming to Apple TV Plus in 2021. Apple TV Plus is currently available for $4.99 a month while purchasing a new Apple product or a refurbished one will get users a free year.

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